Waterparks "Little Violence"


I'm sick of handshakes with fake ass band guys.
My friends and I are mad,
We're mad all the time.
I'm still got my bark,
I've still got my bite,
I ripped into you with on Black Light.
These feelings that I'm feeling
Are all so conflicting.
Everybody wants to be friends
(Now that's convenient.)
Where were you last year,
Before we hit the high gear,
When nobody cared?

These copy cats are getting feral now.
We're building sandcastles out from their ashes now.

Maybe I'm, maybe I'm tired.
Maybe I'm, maybe I'm tired.

They say I went soft while going harder,
I just shot my horizons out much farther.
I still think it's dumb I need to strain when I sing,
Or else dudes won't like me 'cause "it's just not their thing" (fuck you)
I wanna be a sellout just to piss y'all off,
While AbsolutePunk's sucking off beard-punk songs.
Maybe if we're lucky we'll get a review,
And if that goes well, maybe a feature too.

Maybe I'm, maybe I'm tired.
Maybe I'm, maybe I'm tired.
Show me your, show me your violence,
While I'm dipping my toes in the silence.

Sometimes when I'm writing I forget that I'm cold,
Until the ice runs up my hands and then I'm froze,
But by then it's all too late and I forget what I know.
Sometimes when I'm with you I remember to slow down,
To take a breath and let these people stay floor bound.
'Cause I don't need anything the way that I need you.

So get the fuck back,
I said I'm stealing rock back.
So take off with your snapback
Before you get knocked flat.
I've still got the fangs,
I've still got the spite
I ripped into you with on Black Light.



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