Between You & Me - Famous (Official Music Video)


Cut the rope you count on to hold you up
There’s no use hanging waiting for a fantasy to come
Tried your best but clearly it’s not enough
And you can’t keep going trying to stay afloat to make it home

And I get that you wished for nothing else
And you hate that everyone that makes you doubt yourself ( it goes on and on and on)
Get a grip like everybody else
If you dwell you will fuck your mental health

I wanna be famous
Wanna leave a mark
I just wanna make waves
Watch them go far

I wanna be the greatest
Where do I start
I wanna be a name in a Hollywood Star
I wanna be like you

Take your web and go spin it for someone else
Coz it ain’t worth living
Paying bills to barely make it by
Yeah you pray for checks and money
But to me that shit means nothing
I’ll be waiting for a fantasy to come

tag:Between You & Me


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