Time, The Valuator - Vibrant (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Artist: Time, The Valuator
Song: Vibrant
Album: Single (2019)
Hometown: Essen, Germany
Website: https://www.facebook.com/timethevaluator

Label: Long Branch Records
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LongBranchRecords


Rise and shine
From a blighted state of mind
Shaped by obsolete regrets
A scenery unfolds

All you can see is just a faded saturation
In a city full of vibrant colors
A mindless sight
In black and white
Let it illuminate

I am fading into concrete
With time invalidated
It devours the flame
That keeps me from turning


I am alive
With every breath i take I regain energy
I am floating and this
Gravity won't pull me back

I am alive
And I feel it in my blood
So I am baring my bones
In newfound certainty

I have to redefine myself
I have to redefine

I am fading into concrete
With time invalidated

I am not
I had to redefine myself
With every step I take
I find my way back home

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