Salem Trials - "Carousel" Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Artist Bio: Salem Trials is an alternative metal band from Ottawa, Ontario. Drawing influence from progressive and hardcore genres, ST is an aspiring touring band with goals to take the world by storm.

Song Lyrics: "Carousel"

It's gonna grip you from the inside
You can't escape your mind
Doesn't matter how strong you are
Emotions too powerful to push down
Over and over we're pulling out teeth
Criticizing everything
She asked me how I was doing
I couldn't help but be honest
I haven't been much better
I looked her in the eyes
I told her just the cold to keep me company for the fall
I confide in the change of colours
The initial burst
Then soon to be dry and brittle
No pain compares to the beauty of death
We all have a sickness inside us
How you choose to accept yours
Determines how long you'll ride
For better or worse
We all have a sickness inside us
Telling myself this world must still have some good
It's size and beauty are beyond words
Living with no endgame
Just breathing to waste time
Cause I'd rather not live at all
Than to see you rise and fall
It's better to lose you forever
Than never have had you at all
Suddenly we're back to where we started
I accept where I am
My vision starts to fade
My bones feel lighter
This grey sky never changes it's shade
You can't escape your mind
Doesn't matter how strong you really are
All I want is for this to make sense
Over and over like a carousel in my head
Am I alive or dead?

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