Aesthetic Perfection - "Wickedness" Close to Human Music - Official Live Video - 2019

Song Lyrics: "Wickedness"

What if I’m not the enemy?
What if the blame’s on us both?
It’s not black white,
Wrong right,
Look what we’ve become,
Do you believe in destiny?
Or are we all on our own?
No I won’t lie,
I’ll die,
Craving the chaos.
I want it,
I need it,
I love it,
I bleed it.
I like the wickedness,
Inside your skin,
I like the wickedness,
It dwells so deep within.
They say the heart is just vanity,
Not like I loved you at all,
If they can’t see,
The real me,
They can’t cut me off,
I don’t want anything,
Not if I can’t have it all,
So let’s turn up,
Burn up,
Make sure we dissolve.
I’m not the one you’ve fallen for,
I’ve got the fire and the force,
Don’t try to fight it,
I’m all yours,
You fell in love with wickedness.
I fell in love with wickedness.

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