Meadows - The Embrace

Artist: Meadows
Song: The Embrace
Album: 'In Those Days & Also After, Pt. 2' (EP, out July 26th 2019)
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Website: https://www.facebook.com/MDWSband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mdwsband
Bandcamp: https://meadowsal.bandcamp.com


Just like the wind, when it meets with the wave,
The ocean opens up, and the violence is beneath.
She was tossed in the currents.
Her hope swept away, by the undertow of lies that she had once believed.
And this disease, into her blood it seeps.
It pulled her further, further, into the deep.

The heart breaks, and it finally..
Oh it finally takes it's toll.
Finding strength isn't easy, it's not easy for the tortured soul.

The sirens ring so loud,
Yet all that could be heard were the cries of a war-torn mother for a son who wanted nothing to do with her.
They rushed her to the room, the lights and faces dim.
The only thing keeping her here now, are thoughts of him.

And this disease, into her blood it seeps.
Oh it pulled her further, further, into the deep.

So she waits, and he finally, oh he finally answers their calls.
He hesitates, to open up, to even open that door at all.

"But there’s a hand reaching out for me.
Am I worth it, this rescuing?
Am I worth all of this pain?
I've been lost, I feel so ashamed."

The IV’s hanging from her wrists, she's stretching out her arms.
The tears start streaming down her cheeks, her boy has finally returned.
But she still sees their father in his face,
As the memories rush back, her heart begins to race.

“I see your father in your eyes, the way they always tend to meet mine,
I notice how they wander, but they always held their shine.
Oh how his smile's just like yours, so tender and so kind,
It always calmed my shakey knees, his presence could calm the raging seas.
Oh how I miss him everyday, but you can always come back, it’s never too late.
I see the boy that we had raised.
We both cried ourselves to sleep each night after your father had passed away.”

If there's breathe inside your lungs, then you have hope that you can cling to.
If your heart beats inside your chest, then there's a home that you can run to.
No matter the depths your deeds have brought you, no matter the distance that you run,
God calls us still His sons and daughters.
This is unrequited love.