Dance Gavin Dance - Death of the Robot with Human Hair (Official Music Video)

You won't realize it's over
Til you slip into unconsciousness
And the moment takes over
Swallow your pride my soldiers
And embrace your abilities
Let your new mind take over I take a bow
Listen to the crowd
My survival is all I think about now It's for the best
We'll cure the helpless
Our survival is all we'll think about now
Hush now don't you cry
Everything will be just fine

His self-repairing skeleton
Cyborg man's computer blood
Programming immunity
Alpha being
His knowledge expands exponentially
As he rapidly evolves at infinitum

Deleting diseases, cut and sever
Cells and metal blend together
Replicating, assimilating, science and biology
The Death of the robot, the birth of him, all at once (one by one) we will become him

Make this mother fucker golden
Make this mother fucker holy

Level up his brain, in the fast lane
Make this being Holy

Put him through the tests, inspections
Make this mother fucker holy

Make this mother fucker golden
Make this mother fucker holy

In future utopias, alpha hybrids evolve,
Into progressive societies, worship efficiency
Technology makes me pray to logic
And science makes us strong
We rape the ignorance of man
Prepare the arrival

Right on time
He arrives
Alleviate the symptoms from
A toxic society
We praise the future

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