Dayseeker - Sleeptalk (Official Video)

The blood stains on my hands
Our three year, one night stand
Love is bitter when it’s spent lying next to me in bed
Say her name under my breath
It’s toxic, the same dance
Our feet firm in quicksand
Love is bitter when I see how much I can make you bleed
‘Til you feel like you’re deceased
Into the night, I drink and drive
Anything to help me let go, let go
You feel the pain, I feel the same
But we cannot repeat this cycle
The worst is yet to come
The worst is yet to come
No please don’t be alarmed
We tend to fall apart
I’m entirely to blame
No, I couldn’t keep you safe
If there’s trust I will betray
Sunset, sunrise
It’s better you’re not mine
I had everything to lose, always find a way to prove
That I’m undeserving of you
I play the victim like it’s tradition
Now I can see that I should have left you alone
One day you’ll see
That the truth is, I am just a disease