Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Hymn For A Droid

Hymn For A Droid Lyrics

Boy broke his heart
I told him he’s thinking too much
Don’t listen to love, listen to love
It’ll do you more harm.
See how you go
Trundling life on your own
Red or blue pill? Red or blue pill?
I’ve been having too much of both

Here we are
5 years on and it feels like the start
On now off
Freedom again
Now your friends will be happy you’re back taking drugs with them

Now we’re here
Every thing’s unclear
As the girl inside’s tearing out your mind
Is it love you need?
Is it her that feeds?
Is it love at all?

Now you’re born
Weightless son
Head without ego
Young no more
Mind unwound
Laying in a reef
Trying to reassemble
1000 dreams

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