The Angry Lisas - Ignite

Verse 1
I was running for my life.
You were always saying “run a little faster”.
I was playing aces high.
I didn’t know the rules or the outcome I was after.
I remember the scene, and how the plot unfolds.
I was looking for love, you were sniffing out blood, and place to bury his bones.

Verse 2
Your teeth were red as blood, and mine were white as surrender.
You stole my wings, just like the cruelest of your treasures.
I played my part, I just want to go to sleep.
And stop wasting my days, digging my own grave, and suffocating.

You were beautiful, like a harvest moon in the devil's sky.
Fading in and out of focus, like disappearing ink.
Like dreams we had at nineteen, they were never meant to last.
You were kerosene and I’m just the fool that lit the match.

tag:The Angry Lisas