American Hi-Fi - Coma

I'll finish the mess that you started
Just slightly above broken hearted
My head got a nervous kind of feeling
Bled white but my hearts still beating
I'm living the morning ever after
I keep thinking that anythings better
Time's ticking I'm ticking like a time bomb
You're already gone but I wanted more

Operator tell me it's gonna end
Hey, hello, how the hell you been?
You got me in a coma, but I'm alright about it

I'm living the life that you stared
Just slightly above brokenhearted
You think that I'm sleeping at the wheel
It's all about to get real
So slow that it doesn't seem like crashing
It's over but anything can happen now

A bullet straight to my heart

The lights go out on you
There's everything to lose.

tag:American Hi-Fi